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Welcome to the all-new Compassion Center International Website.

Get to know Compassion Center International (CCI) and be the change you wish to see in the world, today, measuring your positive impacts on tomorrow.

CCI provides the same level of service as our U.S.-based counterpart and parent-organization, Compassion Center, just through a different committee that is better structured to represent the various issues facing our global populations in contrast to those living inside the bubble known as the United States (U.S.).

Please Consider Compassionate Causes

From creating global socioeconomic, education, healthcare or mental health programs to serving underserved, unhoused, underfed and forgotten populations, all the way to serving on the frontlines, helping those who suffer in densely populated areas around the world, Compassion Center Int'l really cares.

Compassion Center International is on the leading edge of compassionate, accessible and affordable access to integrative healthcare, professional education and food & water security.

Compassion starts in the heart and spreads out from there.

Creative Ways To Make Big Changes On Any Budget...

Working within a global network of healthcare, agricultural, higher educational and socioeconomic development associations, community based organizations and other non-governmental organizations (NGO) to form a global consortium to ultimately provide incubation, implementation and impact analysis on the various projects managed by Compassion Center International (CCI) to determine better pathways forward to remain in alignment with the "100 year plan" set in motion by the consortium founders. We're only as good as our next measurable impact.

Members of the CCI consortium are held to strict principles, leading towards local impact-driven focuses, directed by a global network of humanitarian aid and socioeconomic collaborators and innovators all working towards a better tomorrow. Join Compassion Center International in creating positive changes!

Our job is to improve the world and help animals

Compassion Center International is at the forefront of socioeconomic innovation combining education with agriculture, healthcare, socio-economics, hospitality and environmental projects to maximize impact and drive awareness to solutions.

Donations go further with Compassion Center International, reaching more lives and changing more outcomes as a result. No less than 80% of every dollar taken in goes directly to the program while in many cases programs get over 90% of the fund.

Integrating Healthcare with Bio-diverse food supplies is the first step to restoring ultimate wellness and socioeconomic stability. CCI is working with different cultures, in different climates, to learn what foods work best to ward off dis-ease to your advance wellness.

Looking into the future, CCI is planning on implementing a series of community based eco-centers capable of sustaining regional communities with education, food, water, healthcare, job-training and access to technology to advance their situations.

Volunteer for CCI!

CCI volunteers are the lifeblood of the organization and many of our executives work without pay - while others take a pay cut just to be of service. We humbly thank them all and appreciate their service and commitment to the betterment of tomorrow. If you would like to participate in the implementation of positive change, please click the button below and sign up on the parent organization website. 🙂

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Compassion Center International is part of Compassion Center, an Oregon 501(c)(3) public charity, so all donations are tax-deductible within the confines of one's own situation. Furthermore, .80 to .90 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to the discovery, design, direction and implementation of CCI projects that are outlined on this website, leading to a more inclusive, healthier and sustainable tomorrow that we can all depend upon.

To donate, please click the button below. You will be taken where you can select your cause(s) and provide further insight on just why you chose the noble cause(s), and also why you chose the Compassion Center to deliver that change.
Thank you for your noble consideration.

Help Us Heal

Compassion Center International brings healing arts, integrative medicine, care and education to the world, driving the positive measurable change that we need to see in order to improve outcomes.

Recognizing that everyone becomes a patient at some point in time, and that we deal with that process, transition and role differently based on where we are from, Compassion Center International is here to discover, educate, unite and empower the future of tomorrow, compassionately.

To learn more about Compassion Center and the programs that we manage, click on the button below. Stay happy and heal!

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Each project featured and managed by Compassion Center International is tracked on an individual basis so as to ensure each project is given the full attention, accounting and transparency necessary to validate its impacts in a way that justifies the money, time and effort invested to produce results.

Victors Rescue Center

Background: Victors Rescue Center (fka Victors Homestead) is a refuge of hope established in 2011 by


GOAL : 300,000 $

RAISED : 0 $


The ways we help others helps us in the best possible ways as we are all in this together.

I appreciate supporting others.

Volunteering changed my life.

I have a purpose beyond work.

Everyone has a job, I have a purpose, too.

I am empowering change.

People helping people is a beautiful thing.

Time flies when your healing.

Perfect place for professionals to practice.

Measuring my local impact.

Providing this service is fun and rewarding.

Putting all my efforts in people.

Rewarding is an understatement, really.

Write to us for more information on how we utilize your donations.

Communication, Accountability, Transparency and Compliance are the Cornerstones of Compassion Center International


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100% of the donations collected on this site are used to advance the projects listed herein. Projects are executed through a variety of accounting, administrative, legal and operational policies and strict oversight for your protection.

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