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Compassion Center International Mission

An Extension of:
A 501(c)(3) Public Charity Organization

Compassion Center International (CCI) is an international socioeconomic business and technology incubator focused on international solutions that advance professional, and personal, education, patient advocacy and healthcare innovations that empower disadvantaged, categorically complex and terminally ill patients with programs and solutions that promote and amplify a higher quality of life for all global populations. If someone doesn’t try, nothing is ever going to be achieved.


Based in Hillsboro, OR with operations support centers in Las Vegas, NV, Dallas and Sugar Land, TX, the organization is positioned to effectuate positive socioeconomic change on both a micro and macro level, leading towards a more inclusive, diversified culture, and future full of the essence of life: Compassion and Love. Prevent the next generation from losing all the ground we have covered!

  • Education
  • Food Security
  • Clean Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Mental Health
  • Sustainability
  • Affordable Housing

Compassion Center International Steering Committee

CCI is overseen by the Compassion Center International Steering Committee, and a group of communications, operations and healthcare professionals dedicated to making the world a better place. Working in conjunction with organizations like the Integrative Providers Association (IPA), the Coalition For Patient Rights (CPR) and Spiritual Veterans Housing (SVH), CCI works with leading experts in healthcare, mental health, education, clean energy, clean water, food security and socioeconomics to bring the world closer together and drive a narrative towards integrative wholeness and inclusion. To learn more about the Compassion Center, please visit the “Parent ORG” in the menu above.

Committee Chairwoman


Julie Monteiro, RN, BSK President


Sophaur One, RYT-200 EVP CCI - Belize

Deputy Board Secretary


Jon Rothberg
Exec. Dir. CCI - Isiolo



Anthony Denaro
EVP CCI - Italy



Barry Gainsburg, Esq. Exec. Dir. CCI - Jamaica

Taking more pride in the measurable impact than the dollars raised, the Compassion Center International Steering Committee is committed to forging and/or fostering solutions to disparities and barriers faced by people in obtaining access to the basic necessities: Education, Healthcare, Mental Health, Food Security, Sustainability, Fair and Affordable Housing, Clean Water, Clean Energy, etc.

To have a special project considered for incubation, or fiscal sponsorship, please visit the Center for Incubation & Findings Research bCLICKING HERE

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