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Photo Above: Mr. Jon Rothberg, Executive Director of CCI - Isiolo socializing with local children & families.

Victors Rescue C.B.O. - Isiolo, Kenya

Victors Rescue C.B.O. Leads the Future of Compassion in Isiolo, Kenya, Africa

VRC Summary: Victors Rescue C.B.O. (fka Victors Homestead) is a refuge of hope established in 2011 by Martin Miriti in Isiolo, Kenya to serve, nurture and educate children (and tribal elders) who are either destitute, sick or suffering with any one or more terminal illnesses, or those have been abandoned by their tribes and/or families. The organization provides an essential bridge to services and resources that elevate and empower all.

VRC Mission: At Victors Rescue Center, We Rescue, We Restore, We Transform, The Destitute and Vulnerable People in the Society Around Us, the Majority of Which are Children, and Those Suffering With HIV/AIDS.

VRC Statistics: Currently Victors Rescue Center is Home for 138 Rescued Children. Residents Range in Age from Infants, and Infants and Their Teen Mothers to Primary and Secondary School Students, as well as Recent High School Graduates who have begun Their College Education. VRC also tracks 72 additional children who have been reintegrated with families and loved ones.

While Compassion Center is authorized to retain (up to 20%) what is needed to cover oversight, administration and management services, a majority (~90%) of the funds raised for this particular project go directly into programs serving education, healthcare and social services causes for children, widows and elders in Isiolo, Kenya under the direction and leadership of Jon Rothberg, Executive Director of CCI – Isiolo and Martin Miriti, Founder of Victors Rescue CBO in cooperation with other tribal elders who focus energies exclusively on educating, empowering and elevating those from within their local community who have dire needs. Measurable impacts are immediately felt and underserved communities and citizens are re-empowered with viable pathways towards education, health and socioeconomic independence allowing their next generations a better option for their future. 

Project Management By:

Project Manager: Jon Rothberg
Executive Director - CCI Isiolo

This International Project Is Accountable!

Compassion Center International (CCI) is an extension of Compassion Center, an Oregon 501(c)(3) public charity organization dedicated to professional education, patient advocacy and healthcare innovations that serve categorically complex, terminally ill and other underserved populations with affordable accessible and obtainable social services.

As such, CCI is under the oversight of Compassion Center’s Office of Accountability & Transparency, an extension of the Board-Secretary’s Office dedicated to protecting the organization’s mission and purpose. 

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Victors Rescue C.B.O. is a Community Based Organization in Isiolo, Kenya, and is supported by Compassion Center International, a division of the Compassion Center, an Oregon-headquartered, internationally-focused 501(c)(3) public charity management services organization dedicated to professional education, patient advocacy and healthcare innovations. 


As such, all donations made to the Compassion Center, and its approved projects, are tax-deductible within the guidelines of your individual situation. For more information, please consult with a tax-advisor familiar with your case.